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CSSSA VLOG: Mollie Luria-Roberson

Mollie Luria-Roberson attended the CSSSA Animation program in 2009 when she was a junior in high school. She was thrilled to finally surround herself with like-minded artists. When she came home and began her senior year, she carefully prepared a portfolio that positioned her as a competitive candidate for an arts school.

Mollie attended OTIS and then earned her Associate of Applied Science, Graphic Design degree from Platt College in San Diego.

The confidence in her artwork started at CSSSA and has now grown and flourished to land her a full-time creative position at the San Diego Reparatory Theatre. Working as a Creative Manager allows her to wake up every morning and be excited about what she does. She loves working with other artists in a theater company.

Her advice for upcoming artists? Don’t pigeonhole yourself. She said, “Hang out with everyone, go see films, go draw on the floor, go play instruments when no one else is looking, don’t limit yourself - push yourself through your comfort zone.”

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